Why some perceptions about
annuities may not be true


Which perceptions of annuities are based on misinformation, and which are based on reality?

Annuity products often can be misunderstood — which may be in part due to a lack of education among consumers. The bottom line is that annuities may be an option that can help people meet their needs for retirement income. And, for other people, they may not be the right option. It’s important to understand the features, benefits and drawbacks of annuities to help determine if they fit your strategy.

We believe it’s an insurance agent’s responsibility to fully explain the product — and provide all the necessary information to help ensure the consumer knows everything they need to about the product they are buying. That’s why we offer the Annuities: Perception vs. Reality Brochure and Annuities Information Guide as tools to help you better understand annuities.

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